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Yes, we can. Don’t let the greasy soil remain on your carpet fibre longer. If it does, it will be hard for us to remove. Call us immediately to prevent your carpet from repairing.

Yes, we can. We have carpet restretching services to fix your wavy and wrinkled carpet.

Our scope of work only covers carpet repair services. Moving out your furniture is not in our scope of work. We may charge extra to do so.

We don’t usually do that if not necessary. When it is required, we only trim the edges to fit perfectly.

It depends on the surface area of the room where carpet restretching is required.

There is no waiting time. Once we’re done, you can immediately walk on it and even move your furniture back.

We can repair any type of carpet. Our extensive training and vast experience can perfectly rectify all varieties of carpet.

Yes, we can. We also provide commercial carpet repair services including carpet restretching.

You can do the cleaning right after the job is done. It is not required to clean your carpet before the repair.

It depends on your carpet’s quality. Additionally, once it’s patched it becomes a part of your carpet as a whole so it could be carpet life long.

You can call us anytime to book an appointment. Once your booking is confirmed, our carpet technician is ready to come to your premise at a time of your booking.

We are open daily including public holidays. Let us know your carpet concerns and we are willing to help you out immediately.