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What Are The Major Differences Between Carpet Cleaning and Restoration?

Many people use the terms carpet cleaning and carpet restoration simultaneously. While some misunderstand carpet restoration for carpet repair services Brisbane. However, these are two different concepts and services. To get a better understanding of the terms, it is important to know some basics. Carpet cleaning involves the general removal of dirt and routine cleaning. On the other hand, carpet restoration is a special service that is necessary for fixing moisture-damaged carpets or too old carpets along with a bit of carpet repairing, if necessary. There’s a lot more you should know about these services.

When is Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

Carpet cleaning is routine. You are advised to get your carpets cleaned once every 5-6 months, for maintaining better hygiene at home and workspace. Even for the removal of dirt, stains, and urine, getting carpet cleaning services becomes necessary.

Furthermore, there are a lot of techniques used for cleaning different carpets. Your carpet can get cleaned using steam cleaning technique, dry carpet cleaning technique, shampooing, and encapsulation technique as well.

When is Carpet Restoration Necessary?

Carpet restoration services come into the picture when you have to deal with worn-out carpets. You may move into a new place and come across a water-damaged carpet, or too old and shabby-looking carpet. The condition of the carpet remains so worse that general cleaning isn’t enough to restore it.

In such a situation, companies offering Carpet Repair Brisbane provide carpet restoration services. The process of restoring water-damaged and mold damaged carpet is extensive and tiring. Therefore, hiring experts for carpet restoration and carpet repair Perth is a must.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Carpet Cleaning-

The process of cleaning the carpet is not as long when compared with carpet restoration. As carpet cleaning is routine, the experts have a better know-how of dealing with different carpet types and their cleaning techniques. The entire process of cleaning a carpet can take around 1-2 hours.

Carpet Restoration-

Carpet restoration is a time-consuming process as mentioned earlier. Inspection of a carpet is an essential part of the process, as it is crucial to decide whether or not a carpet can be restored. In case of severe water or mold damage, some carpets are not restored.

Carpet restoration can take up around 2-4 hours. The process of restoring carpets as long as it involves inspection, water extraction, washing, sanitization, drying, and so on. If necessary, sometimes carpet repairing is also necessary for complete restoration.

Cost Factor Involved

Carpet Cleaning-

The cost of availing of carpet cleaning services is much more affordable when compared with carpet restoration. The process takes less time, and the use of tools and machines is low. That’s why getting your carpets cleaned at regular intervals is more affordable.

Carpet Restoration- Carpet restoration services

are slightly expensive, as the process involves dealing with a lot of mess and extremely dirty carpet. A lot of tools and cleaning products are used for salvaging the carpet. Therefore, carpet restoration services are slightly higher.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you understand that carpet cleaning and restoration are two different concepts and services. Carpet cleaning is more of routine nature, affordable and quick, while carpet restoration is a time-consuming service made for severe damages. Feel free in availing these services, as and when you need them.

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